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About Blade

Blade Polska is a boutique software development and product design consultancy.

We are one of the very few companies designing and developing native Mac OS X software. We've done over 20 complex web applications (some of them for healthcare companies in Poland) and dozens of innovative mobile applications.

Having built strong partnerships with Silicon Valley ­based companies and VCs, we are getting ready to disrupt multiple industries with innovative augmented reality and 3D vision mobile technologies. Together with Toyota Motor Group USA we developed an iPad app that features immersive, interactive virtual tour inside the 2014 Lexus IS model.

We are a boutique shop, which means that:

  • We value quality over quantity.
  • We work in small, tightly knit, interdisciplinary, unified teams.
  • We devote time to do things right and repay technical debt.
  • We develop unique, long-lasting relationships with our clients, who quickly become friends.
  • There are no non-technical idiot managers.

Most of us work on MacBooks with comfy, large external monitors. Everyone uses IDE and tools of own choice. We use Pivotal Tracker to track progress, we commit code following the git workflow to BitBucket and we perform code reviews there. We collaborate using Hackpad, track our time on Harvest and extensively use HipChat to post animated gifs with funny cats and coordinate ordering lunch. We write documentation when it makes sense for us, just like tests which we run using Jenkins and OS X 10.9 bots. We use mainly Django, PostgreSQL, Redis and Heroku to build servers, AngularJS and CoffeeScript to build browser based front-ends and Objective-C and Java to create native mobile apps.

Every Friday we eat delicious an healthy breakfast together (usually made by one of us) and then we meet to listen to one of us sharing his knowledge or passion during lightning talks. We devote most of the day to learning new stuff, giving back to Open Source community and working on our own internal projects that will help us do better work for our clients.

We always strive for excellence and we love working with talented, passionate people who are not only exceptional developers and technical experts, but with whom we will quickly become friends for at least a good chunk of our lives.

If you want to talk to us or work with us, don't hesitate, drop us a line at